minimalist bohemian living room – 10 Awesome tips For Your Boho lifestyle

Discover the enchanting blend of minimalism lifestyle with your Minimalist Bohemian Living Room. Elevate your space with effortless chicness and serene vibes.

minimalist bohemian living room

Create a Serene Boho Living Room

Bohemian style decor, also known as “boho chic”, is all about expressing your free-spirited and eclectic taste. It embraces vintage, global and recycled elements to create a relaxed, non-traditional look.

If you love laidback and artistic living spaces, a bohemian living room is a wonderful way to reflect your personality. The key is achieving the right balance between an earthy, peaceful vibe and playful, bold accents.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to design a serene boho living room that feels cozy yet vibrant. We’ll cover:

  • Essential elements for a bohemian living room
  • Choosing relaxed, inviting furniture
  • Incorporating boho accessories and art
  • Using calming, natural color schemes
  • Layering textures and patterns
  • Lighting options to set the mood
  • Plants that enhance the bohemian style
  • Tips for organizing in a laidback way

Plus, you’ll find a summary of key takeaways and answers to frequently asked questions about achieving this look.

So curl up on your bohemian rug and let’s dive in!

Essential Elements for a Bohemian Living Room

A bohemian living room incorporates certain core elements to create that carefree, earthy vibe. Keep these key features in mind as you design the space:

Vintage and Upcycled Furniture

Distressed wood, weathered leather, antique finds – aged furnishings are hallmarks of bohemian decor. Shop vintage stores, flea markets and garage sales to find unique recycled pieces. Upcycling old furniture with new paint colors or fabric re-covers also fits the boho aesthetic.

Global, Eclectic Accessories

Objects from different cultures, places and time periods live together harmoniously in a bohemian space. Display exotic tapestries, Turkish poufs, Indian saris and artifacts from your travels to add global appeal.

Natural Textures and Materials

Tree wood, jute, cotton, linen and rattan bring organic texture into a bohemian living room. Use them in your furniture, rugs, throws and accent decor for an earthy vibe.

Playful Patterns and Colors

Floral fabrics, tribal prints, ikat patterns and decorative tapestries makes a boho space visually interesting. Don’t be afraid to layer different prints together. Earth tones like cream, sand and terra cotta make cozy palette bases, while jewel tones and bright pops add vibrant accents.

Abundant, Leafy Plants

Greenery brings life and tranquility to a bohemian living room. Place potted plants in macrame hangers, on ladder shelves and in woven baskets in the corners. Go for leafy, trailing varieties like philodendrons, ferns and ivy.

Choosing Relaxed, Inviting Furniture

The furniture shapes and styles you select form the foundation for your bohemian living room design. Aim for pieces with a laidback, casual feel.

Sofas and Chairs

Choose sofas and lounge chairs with swooping organic shapes and natural upholstery like cotton, linen and velvet. Distressed leather sofas also have a great worn-in, vintage appeal. Sectionals are a good option to create a cozy seating area. Add casually draped throws and piled up pillows for ultra-relaxed lounging.

Some boho sofa styles to consider include:

  • Cabriole sofas with elegantly curved backs and exposed feet
  • Modular sofas with movable components
  • Chaise lounges for laidback reclining
  • Oversized armchairs with ottomans to put your feet up

Coffee and Side Tables

Look for coffee tables and side tables with glass, metal or reclaimed wood tops to complement your bohemian furniture. Oval, round and kidney shaped tops add softness. Painted folding tables and vintage trunks used as tables also suit the relaxed boho vibe.


Rugs are a great way to bring in bohemian pattern and texture. Layer distressed Persian rugs over jute or sisal carpeting for tons of cozy feel. Moroccan trellis rugs, Turkish kilims, Indian dhurries and mute Guatemalan textiles also make artsy floor coverings.

Try layering a few rug styles, using larger ones beneath seating areas and smaller rugs under side tables. Stick to organic materials like wool, cotton and jute which complement the bohemian look.

Storage Furniture

Storage doesn’t have to be boring! Have fun hunting for special boho finds like:

  • Painted and distressed cabinets, hutches or wardrobes
  • Multi-colored stacked trunks
  • Woven baskets and buckets in natural fibers
  • Ladder shelves decorated with plants
  • Quirky sideboards or dressers with character

Position storage pieces thoughtfully to zone different areas and hide clutter.

Incorporating Boho Accessories and Art

Accessories and art finish your bohemian living room design, so have fun filling the space with treasures that make you smile!

Boho Accessories for Your minimalist bohemian living room

Some typical bohemian accessories include:

  • Throws and pillows: Dress up sofas and chairs with embroidered and embellished throw blankets and an abundance of pattered pillows in all sizes. Add crocheted blankets and sheepskin throws to up the coziness.
  • Wall hangings: Display exotic wall tapestries, embroidered fabric art, brass mirrors and macrame weavings on your walls.
  • Plants: Let leafy green plants trail in their boho holders. Try staghorn ferns on platforms, philodendrons in hanging baskets, or succulents and air plants in handmade ceramics.
  • Candles and incense: Set the sensory mood with candles of all shapes and sizes, housed in glass jars, clay vessels and metallic tins. Burn incense and display the holders.
  • Books: Pile coffee table books, hardbound novels, poetry anthologies and travel guides on side tables, shelves, ottomans or the floor.
  • Musical instruments: Leaning vintage guitars in the corner or a brightly painted drum as an accent tables bring out your inner bohemian.

Boho Artwork

Display art that reflects your free-spirited taste. Some boho-friendly artwork genres include:

  • Botanical prints: Frame art prints of leaves, flowers and plants or vivid botanical watercolor paintings
  • Landscapes: Hang serene landscape photography featuring horizons, oceans and deserts in black and white or sepia tones.
  • Abstract art: Go for brightly colored, psychedelic-style abstract paintings or prints with bold geometrics.
  • Cultural artifacts: Shields, masks, fans, textiles and baskets from around the world make interesting wall art. Group similar pieces together for impact.
  • Your own art: Showcase your creativity! Hang your own paintings, pottery, woven wall hangings, or bulletin boards filled with inspiration.

Art doesn’t have to match – feel free to mix different styles, frames and sizes to reflect your eclectic taste. Lean some pieces on the floor against the wall for a laidback display.

Using Calming, Natural Color Schemes

A bohemian living room uses muted, earthy color palettes as its base for a peaceful, grounded feel. Then, add in bold pops of color for vibrancy! Some color combinations that complement the laidback boho style include:


Stick to natural sand and stone colors like beige, taupe and grey as your wall colors and larger furniture pieces. Creamy off-whites also make airy, serene backdrops. Use textured linens and chunky knits in these muted shades.

Earth Tones

Rich chocolate browns, desert oranges, olive greens and clay reds bring warmth. Use them in your accent rugs, throw pillows, blankets and bohemian tapestries.

Cool Tones

Sage greens, denim blues and lavender purples create a calm, relaxing mood. Incorporate them in your upholstered chairs, curtains or accent decor.


Gold, bronze, brass and silver add an earthy, vintage sheen. Metallic touches on your mirrors, lamps and pottery enrich the look.

Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid of bright jewel tones! Ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens and amethyst purples make for playful bursts. Use them sparingly in your printed pillows, art pieces and bohemian accents.

Layering Textures and Patterns

Texture and pattern are integral parts of achieving that eclectic bohemian style. Don’t be matchy-matchy – have fun mixing and layering different fabrics and prints together in your living room!

Textured Fabrics

  • Cottons like voile, muslin, denim – have a casual, beachy vibe
  • Linens like burlap, hessian, tweed – add organic depth
  • Wools like chunky knits, blankets, Kilims – feel cozy and artisanal
  • Silks like embroidered fabrics and tapestries – look luxurious

Global Patterns

  • Ikat: Indonesian-style blurred dye technique with blurred lines
  • Suzani: Colorful geometric and floral embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan
  • Kilim: Flatweave Turkish wool rugs with geometric motifs
  • Madras: South Asian plaid cottons in bright colors

Don’t overthink matching patterns – let them collide in a creative clash. Here are some easy ways to layer prints:

  • An ikat throw blanket over a Kilim wool rug
  • Suzani pillows on a plain linen sofa
  • A madras ottoman in front of a jute dhurrie carpet
  • Window curtains in a floral print, valance in stripes

Textural Layering Tips

  • Use natural linen or cotton for lightweight curtains and upholstery
  • Add cozy warmth with wool knit throws and shag pillows
  • Incorporate free-flowing silk for scarves and tapestry art
  • Mix smooth and nubby textiles for visual interest

Go crazy with textures and patterns to reflect your artistic flair – anything goes in a bohemian living room!

Lighting Options to Set the Mood

Lighting completes the look and feel of your bohemian sanctuary. Use a mix of vintage-style and natural lighting sources to create a cozy glow.

Pendant Lights

Macrame, rattan and ceramic pendants bring artisanal twists over dining nooks and seating areas. Look for beaded, fringed and hand painted lampshades to complement your boho style.

Table and Floor Lamps

Opt for natural materials like woven wicker, carved wood, oxidized metals and cut-out ceramics. Twisted tree branches and antler silhouettes also make artistic lamp bases. Top with cream lampshades or beaded fringing.

Wall Sconces

Iron filigree, mosaic glass and perforated metal sconces cast beautiful bohemian shadows when lit. Position on either side of artwork or tapestries.

Candle Lighting

Candles add flickering ambience. Group mismatched taper and pillar candles on trays and fill hurricane lanterns, glass jars and terracotta vessels. Opt for unscented beeswax or soy candles.

Natural Light

Frame windows with lightweight curtains and let sunshine stream in. Add skylights or circular window accents surrounded by stained glass for an earthy vibe. Open up the views to your outdoor garden or patio with French doors.

Mixing all these lighting sources creates dreamy, layered lighting perfect for a relaxing bohemian living room. Dimmer switches allow you to control the mood.

Plants that Enhance the Bohemian Style

Lush greenery brings life and a natural vibe to your bohemian decor. Certain leafy plant varieties pair especially well with the earthy, peaceful style.

Hanging Varieties

Trailing, cascading greenery makes a big impact when suspended in macrame hangers or planted in hanging rattan baskets. Some flowering and leafy varieties that work beautifully include:

  • Philodendrons – Split leaf and heart leaf add tropical appeal
  • Pothos – Golden and neon hues brighten up corners
  • Spider Plants – Trail gracefully with offshoot “spiderettes”
  • English Ivy – Lush green leaves drape down
  • Ferns – The Boston fern’s arching fronds look exotic

Hang them in bright corners to trails their tendrils. Misting the leaves occasionally keeps them perky.

Floor Plants

Larger potted varieties lend peaceful vibes placed in empty floor corners. Some boho-friendly picks include:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – A popular statement tree with huge, violin-shaped leaves
  • Monstera – Tropical, split leaves make a sculptural impact
  • Yucca – Towering stalks with spiky leaves are architectural
  • Majesty Palm – Long feathery fronds evoke the tropics
  • Snake Plant – Striking vertical strips, ideal for low light

Place these statement plants on plant stands or short pedestals to show off their Scale.

Small Accent Plants

Tiny pots of succulents, air plants and cacti make artsy accent on your shelves, credenza tops and window sills. Some cute boho options are:

  • Air Plants – Quirky shapes, mount them on pieces of driftwood or hanging terrariums
  • Succulents – Opt for tactile varieties like echeveria, aloe and haworthia
  • Cacti – The mini San Pedro cactus has a perfect round shape

Display them in handmade ceramic pots, geometric terrariums and macrame nets.

So take your pick of trailing, leafy, flowering and spiky varieties to liven up your bohemian living room. Let them breath life into the space!

Tips for Organizing a Laidback Boho Space

While bohemian style embraces creativity, you still want your living room to avoid feeling chaotic. Use these tips to neatly organize your space while maintaining that casual vibe:

  • Store newspapers, books and magazines in baskets or bins beside chairs and sofas for easy access.
  • Keep cozy throws and blankets draped over your furniture so they’re ready to grab.
  • Designate a special cabinet, trunk or dresser for hiding electronic cords, TV remotes and other clutter.
  • Use fabric covered boxes, woven baskets or labeled canisters to organize loose accessories.
  • Place items you use often in easy reach – candles and incense on the coffee table or sideboard, guitars and other instruments leaning casually on stands in the corner.
  • Hang a bulletin board or memo board for pinning up creative inspiration.
  • Use floor poufs, ottomans and low tables with storage compartments to stash items out of sight.
  • Add wheeled multi-media cabinets to hide electronics while keeping them accessible.
  • Designate spaces for different hobbies – painting corner, reading nook, yoga area. Use baskets to store the supplies.

While it’s fine to have collections of books, art and objects on display, aim for an organic sense of order so your boho sanctuary has peaceful feng shui energy.

Key Takeaways for Designing a Serene Bohemian Living Room

To summarize, here are the key tips to keep in mind:

  • Source vintage, upcycled and global furniture to reflect the bohemian aesthetic – don’t match pieces!
  • Incorporate plenty of plants and natural elements like wood, wicker, jute and linen.
  • Layer in lots of cozy textures with wool throws, silk pillows and cotton rugs.
  • Have fun mixing patterns and artwork – more is more when it comes to bohemian style.
  • Stick to neutral earth tones and mineral shades as your color scheme base, adding in pops of color.
  • Play with lighting using pendants, sconces and candles to create a relaxing glow.
  • Organize thoughtfully using baskets, cabinets and neat piles to avoid clutter while maintaining the casual vibe.

Most importantly, reflect your own taste and design an inviting, peaceful space you can relax and unwind in. Your living room should tell the story of your own bohemian journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bohemian Living Rooms

Do you still have questions about designing your perfect bohemian sanctuary? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I mix and match boho furniture?

It’s all about creating an eclectic mix – combine furnishings from different eras and cultures to avoid a “matchy” look. A Turkish pouf paired with a midcentury armchair and retro coffee table makes a fitting boho arrangement.

What colors work well in a bohemian living room?

Neutral earth tones like beige, grey and cream make airy backdrops. Then layer in accents of terracotta, olive green, chocolate brown and metallic sheens for warmth. Don’t be afraid to add bright jewel tone pops!

How do I incorporate plants into my boho decor?

Aim for abundant greenery – lush trailing philodendrons and ferns in macrame hangers, large statement palms in the corners, and tiny succulents sprinkled around as accents.

Should I hang mirrors in my bohemian living room?

Absolutely! Mirrors add depth and amplify light. Lean an oval mirror against the wall or opt for etched brass sunburst designs. Place them across from windows to reflect the outdoors in.

How can I decorate my walls in a boho way?

Showcase a gallery wall of varied artwork – mix paintings, prints, tapestries, cultural artifacts and woven hangings. Add whimsical wall decals and hang air plants in slender vases mounted with hooks.

What type of flooring works with the bohemian style?

Layered rugs are ideal for boho living rooms. Jute, wool dhurries or sisal make natural carpet bases. Add Persian rugs or Turkish kilims on top for color and softness. You can also refinish hardwood floors in a light, natural stain or whitewash.

Should I invest in new bohemian furniture or use what I have?

It’s fine to repurpose non-boho furnishings you already own! Add globally inspired throw pillows, woven throws and greenery to your existing pieces to transform the look. Paint, stain or reupholster them in natural hues for an updated vibe.

How do I decorate a bohemian style room on a budget?

Browse flea markets, thrift and vintage shops for secondhand finds. Upcycle items with new finishes – a coat of paint goes a long way! Incorporate inexpensive touches like macrame hangings, piles of books, and simple poster prints in recycled frames.

What accessories reflect the bohemian look?

Some key boho accessories include embroidered throw pillows, wicker baskets, scented candles, incense holders, exotic floor cushions, fiddle leaf figs and other statement greenery, beaded lampshades, handcrafted ceramics, and musical instruments for display.

How do I incorporate global elements into my living room?

Display exotic finds from your travels – statues, vases, baskets and textiles sourced abroad make artsy accents. Frame vintage maps or hang flags from places you’ve visited. You can also buy fair trade handicrafts online from indigenous artisans around the world.

I hope these tips help you design your own perfect bohemian living room oasis! Feel free to get creative and make the space distinctly yours.

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